Women Feeling Unity Forum

Women felling unity forum (WFUF) is a nonprofit making and non government organization established in 1994 at district administration office of Katmandu and affiliated with social welfare council of Nepal with the objective to promote the social and economical status of women in Nepal. The office, which is well equipped with the facility of telephone, fax, Computer, vehicle, Post Box and other necessary furniture, is situated at Gaindakot Nawalparasi.

WFUF organized 3500 groups in Nawalparasi and adjoining District where 15 to 20 Women are in each group. To sustain these groups, 12 professional staff is working with WFUF. WFUF has one member working committee, 2 consultants and 150 general members.

It is established with a vision of creating self reliance women society and promoting social and economical status of women in Nepal. It helps to enhance the fundamental and legal rights of women and enlistment of social status by creating conductive environment. It conducts necessary investigation training, awareness program for the development of Nepalese masses by determining the target group of women kind. By the nature of organization, almost all activities are concerned with rural women.

It is the organization which is bringing the awareness among women about what exactly happening around them such as social malice’s, the practice of battering women. It is working hard towards stoppage of illegal trade of women in foreign countries. It is a member of Asia Women Human Right Council (A.W.H.R.C) and the Global Alliance against Trafficking Women (GAATW) Bangkok Thailand.

Education is the main stream of development in our society and WFUF has not left any stones unturned. It is working towards the educational program in remote areas especially for kids, mother and adults.

WFUF conducted various program with many governmental and non- governmental organization. WFUF has worked with Japanese Embassy, Australian embassy, Finland embassy, Canadian cooperation office, Rural water Supply and sanitation Fund Development board, Heifer Nepal, Caritas Nepal, UNDP, Asian development board, Asia foundation, Pact Nepal, District education office , District development committees, District irrigation office, Local development ministry, social welfare council and so on for upliftment of poor community women.

– Non discriminatory, self reliance women society by enhancing social and economical status.
– Marginalized women empowered economically, politically and socially to live dignified life enjoying values of human rights.

– A just society where marginalized women are respected and can live in dignity and sufficient.
– Legal provisions are prepared to protect their political, social and economic rights.

– To develop appropriate strategies to be economically independent and improve their livelihoods.
– To increase their political participation at local, regional and national level.
– To create environment for realization of appropriate regulatory framework for rights, peace and justice at all level.
– Women are empowered and act as ‘agents of change’.
– To increase marginalized women representation in positions of local and regional.
– Institutions and organizations get benefits from local bodies and hold them accountable.